77 – Founder’s Dilemma – 1/?

I had recent occasion to attend a talk by Prof Noam Wasserman, Professor at Harvard Business School and author of the book ‘Founder’s Dilemma’

Here are some links to know more about him

His Bio at HBS

His personal website

A site where the short article is available for download

And here is a YouTube link where he explains in summary

Over the next series of posts I will try to do a critical analysis of his seminal work. All from my own perspective.

So here is the first point. And to be fair he makes this disclaimer in his own book. The study sample is from those start ups in the US and from the Tech / Bio-tech funded companies in the US.

This bias is so, because most studies in elite business schools are targeted at ‘consumers’ who will pay for them. In this case the intended ‘consumers’ are deep pocketed PEs / Start ups which need the follow-up paid-for consultancy that rides on the back of such ‘pre sales’ documents.

So the first flag is that if you not in the US and not in those segments or chose not to be funded then those findings may not apply to you.

About The Author

Venkat is a serial entrepreneur who has exited two start ups to US and UK based buyers and is now on his third start up. He did not set out to be a serial entrepreneur but circumstances in life just went that way. The last Start up of which he was the Promoter Director was the countries largest domestic BPO with 10 offices across the country, employing over 3000 team members with the country’s largest corporates at its clients.

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